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Touch: the goose visits the injured “companion” and refuses to leave

Not so long ago, a veterinary clinic in the US state of Massachusetts operated on an injured wild Canadian goose goose, unexpectedly his “companion” also came to visit and wait at the door not to leave. not. This proves that animals also have souls and emotions!

Animals also have feelings. (Illustration / Pixabay)

The state’s Cape Wildlife Center posted on Facebook that on July 13, its staff discovered a wild goose named Arnold, living in a nearby lake, limping and walking.

Vets examined Arnold’s goose and noticed two open fractures on his leg that required prompt surgery. Arnold’s injury may have been due to an attack by turtles or other predators while swimming in the lake.

As the vet and other staff at the center prepared to operate on Arnold Goose on July 14, they heard a light knock on the clinic door. They later found out that it was Arnold’s “mate” standing in the hallway and trying to enter the clinic.

The center wrote that it didn’t know how he found Arnold the goose, but because he couldn’t get inside the clinic, he “stayed” the whole time. During the operation, Arnold’s companion was still waiting outside the door, never leaving.

Arnold’s goose surgery was finally completed successfully. After the goose Arnold regained consciousness, the clinic staff released it outside the door so that the “lovebirds” could be reunited. After meeting each other, it was clear that their emotions were much more stable.

The center said Arnold geese will need to be treated for a few more weeks before being released. During this time they will try to bandage and treat it right outside the door so its mate can see it.

The center adds that people often ask if they can visit sick animals they send in. But this is the first time an animal has visited a sick animal. For safety reasons they usually don’t allow visitors to see sick animals, but this time they broke the rules to let Arnold’s goose mate visit him.

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