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Brazilian sanitation worker saves the life of a 5-year-old boy thanks to his quick eyes

In a positive story, a sanitation worker was responsible for saving the life of a young boy, who was running on the road, he was acknowledged for his heroic act

In this security camera video, a boy in a red shirt walks out the door and waits for a while by the side of the road. At that time, it suddenly started to rain, so the boy covered his head with his hands.

After a garbage truck slowly passed by, the boy started speeding toward the other side of the street, clearly wanting to cross the street. But the boy did not see the other side of the road was a white car speeding towards him.

At that moment, the cleaning staff on the garbage truck realized that the boy was in danger, so he quickly jumped out of the car to grab the boy, helping him avoid a collision with the white car.

Netizens praised this sanitation worker who not only saved the boy but also helped the white car driver not to regret for life, he is a hero.

Brazilian media reported that this incident happened on August 28 in the town of Rolandia. The boy in this incident is named Lucas Almeida (5 years old), and the sanitation worker who saves lives is named Kelvin Jonathan dos Santos.

Lucas and his relatives went to see Mr. Kelvin on September 2 to express their gratitude to him. Mr. Kelvin also received praise from Mayor Ailton Maistro.

Former NBA basketball player Rex Chapman shared a video showing how a sanitation worker saved a boy’s life.

Sanitation Worker Acts Quickly To Save A Child From Being Run Over, Video Goes Viral

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