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Man reunites with pet dog that went missing 10 years ago

A man in the US state of Texas lost his pet dog 10 years ago, until recently, the animal adoption center saw his search notice. He was so shocked to the point of tears that he was finally reunited with his pet dog after a decade apart.

Mr. C, who lives in San Antonio, lost his Labrador dog named Samson 10 years ago, leaving him and his family extremely sad.

They tried their best to find Samson, but to no avail. However, they have never forgotten it.

With the help of an animal adoption center called “San Antonio City Animal Care”, Mr. C was reunited with his dog Samson after a very long time apart.

Although Samson is now old and his appearance is no longer beautiful, Mr. C still loves it, he took it home to start a new life together.

“San Antonio City Animal Care Service” shared the story and photo of Mr. C reunited with his dog Samson on Facebook and attracted the attention of many netizens.


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