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Victorious Karaoke | Freak the Freak Out | Nickelodeon UK

At the karaoke competition, Cat and Jade take Beck and André with them. As Jade walked away to get a soda, two girls, Hayley Ferguson and Tara Ganz, flirted with Beck and André. When Jade appeared, Hayley and Tara refused to back down. Tara points to André’s Hollywood Arts jacket, which Hayley calls “a school for people who want to dress up”. They then challenge Cat and Jade to a singles match.

Hayley and Tara came up first and sang Ginger Fox’s Number One, showing that they weren’t particularly talented singers. When they performed, the Hollywood Arts team was shocked to hear how badly Hayley and Tara sang. Next, Cat and Jade then sing the next Give It Up and make their school proud by showing off how well they can sing compared to Hayley and Tara.


The crowd liked Cat and Jade’s song better, but the owner of the karaoke club announced that the winners were Hayley and Tara. It is revealed that Hayley and Tara won because the owner of the karaoke club is Hayley’s father. Rex, Beck, Jade, André and Cat all expressed their outrage when the contest was set

Your favourite song, but this time with lyrics! Sing along with Tori as she belts out Freak The Freak Out!

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