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SINGER Simone Soman Will Warm Your Heart In Her Audition | Canada’s Got Talent

Simone Soman has been singing all her life. Born blind, she started performing at a very early age. Music is a huge part of her of the life she shares with her fiancé Rick and their two children.Simone wants to be recognized for her talent rather than her visual impairment, and her awe-inspiring cover of @The Official Sarah McLachlan’s Angel’ earns her a massive standing ovation!

Viewers of “Canada’s Got Talent” experienced a very special act this week when singer and pianist Simone Soman took to the stage.Soman, from Waterford, Ontario, has been blind since birth, captivated the audience with her powerful rendition of Sarah McLachlan’s “Angel,” accompanying herself on piano.

Injecting her soulful energy into the song, Soman’s powerful voice seemed to take the audience by surprise. When she completed her performance, the audience and all four judges leapt to their feet.

Blind SINGER Simone Soman will warm your heart with an inspirational cover of Sarah McLachlan’s ‘Angel’, playing the piano herself.’ Canada’s Got Talent

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