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Arizona Senate to Hold Maricopa County Electoral Ombudsman Hearing

The Arizona Senate will hold a hearing on Thursday (July 15 US time) on the Maricopa County election inspection process, according to an announcement by Karen Fann, President of the Arizona Senate.

In a brief statement, Karen Fann said in a public hearing on July 15, Cyber Ninjas CEO Doug Logan and CyFIR CEO Ben Cotton will provide updates on the progress of election inspections in the county. de Maricopa, which they are hired by the State Senate.

“This is an update and summary [of the electoral process], now is not the right time for all the testimony,” Fann wrote on Twitter in response to a message from a reporter saying the public would not be able to testify at the July 15 hearing.

Earlier on July 13, Fann said the number of votes for the 2020 Maricopa County election counted in that inspection did not match the numbers released by county election officials and this disparity prompted the Senate to Arizona to do a third recount on the machine.

“They haven’t released the numbers yet,” Fann told KTAR Radio on July 13 of the recount results. “However, we know these numbers do not match the numbers for Maricopa County at this time.”

“All we do is count the votes. The paper counting machine will do the job, ”explains Ms Fann on how to count the votes for the third time.

The Arizona Senate uses two newly purchased vote counting machines to perform this recount.

Meanwhile, Maricopa County Supervisory Board chairman Jack Sellers emailed The Epoch Times an email statement saying he wasn’t surprised by Ms.

While experienced county professionals used the latest certified pointing technology and counted nearly 2.1 million ballots under Arizona law, the State Senate contractors l ‘did it in a different way, ”said Jack Sellers. “They scrutinized processes and procedures, pursuing conspiracy theories, while volunteers with no election experience attempted to count the votes accurately when they were exhausted from the pile of votes.”

“Election experts across the country have said this method of counting votes is flawed and will lead to inaccurate results,” added Jack Sellers.

According to the official Maricopa County Electoral Board, in the 2020 general election the county received 2,089,563 presidential votes.

Arizona election inspectors say the inspection is drawing to a close and the final report is expected to be released in the coming weeks. The outside world expects more information to come to light during an Arizona Senate hearing on July 15.

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