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The tiger used its teeth to drag a car full of tourists.

In Bannerghatta National Park in the Indian state of Karnataka, a tiger was filmed biting a car full of tourists and pulling the car back a bit. The strength of the tiger made everyone feel very surprised.

Mahindra chairman Anand Mahindra shared a clip on Twitter on December 30 showing the tiger pulling a car full of tourists.The tiger can be seen biting the bumper of the car and pulling it back a short distance. The car was full of tourists, and the body of the car was fitted with a wire mesh to protect the safety of the people in the car. Tourists in another car filmed the rare sight.

A tourist in another car said: “Oh my god, it’s pulling the whole car.” Another said, “It’s pulling back there.”

Mr Anand shared on Twitter that the car pulled by the tiger was one of the Xylo cars produced by their group, he guessed that the tiger was chewing on the car. “It must have been thinking the same thing as me, it’s a really good Mahindra car.”

This Twitter post attracted a lot of people leaving comments. Someone said that they were one of the tourists on the bus. This person said the incident happened in November 2020, at that time the Xylo car they were carrying broke down and did not start while inside Bannerghatta National Park, the tiger came and played with the car.

Many people admire that the bite force of the tiger’s teeth is very strong, enough to pull the car backwards. Some people also advise that later use “tiger force” or “horsepower” to describe the engine power of the car. car. Another joked: “I guess the tiger wants to start the car by dragging it to the back.”

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