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The dog found his own home and used his nose to ring the doorbell

A couple in the US state of South Carolina recently lost their pet dog, so they were very sad, unexpectedly a few hours later this dog found his own home and used his nose to ring the doorbell as if to notify the owner. that “I’m back”, making them very surprised and happy. This incident made everyone realize that dogs also know how to ring the doorbell!

Rajah dog (1 and a half years old) is the pet dog of Mary Lynn Whitacre and her husband living in Greenville.

On the evening of June 26, Rajah and other dogs were playing in the garden, but the neighbors fired firecrackers and scared him away from the backyard. When Mary went to the back garden to look for him, he was nowhere to be found.

Mary and her husband did not know where Rajah the dog had run away. They drove everywhere to search and find help, they even posted on Facebook asking for help but there was no way to find Rajah.

Mary told Fox TV that she and her husband were so scared, they felt hopeless.

About 7 hours later, at 3 a.m. on June 27, the dog Rajah found himself home and used his nose to ring the doorbell to call his owner. Mary waited for hours saying, “This is the longest seven hours of my life.”

What puzzled Mrs. Mary was that she did not know how the dog Rajah was able to press the doorbell. She said she and her husband almost never rang the doorbell at their house, so she did not know from whom the Rajah dog learned to ring the doorbell.

Since Mrs. Mary works from home, the dog Rajah stayed by her side all day, so it is possible that he watched from the window and saw someone ring the doorbell.

It is worth mentioning that the dog Rajah went through an “adventure” for a few hours “running around” because his whole body was very dirty, but he knew he had done wrong so he was very sad.

Mrs Mary told UK radio station SWNS: “It was really funny and we couldn’t help but laugh the whole time.”

However, Mary and her husband were not angry, as long as the dog Rajah returned safely, they were very happy.

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