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Soon a headset capable of reading people’s minds

California-based tech company Kernel has announced that it will soon be launching a mind-reading headset for $ 50,000.

It is expected that in the coming weeks, Kernel, a tech startup, will launch a special hat capable of reading the minds of users. The product will sell for $ 50,000.

The hat has sensors and many other electronic devices, which help measure and analyze the user’s brain electrical impulses and cerebral blood flow. From there, the product can provide data to reflect people’s thoughts.

Bryan Johnson, CEO of Kernel, has spent more than five years raising $ 110 million in funding. Mr. Johnson also contributed an equivalent amount to the project to produce this special hat.

The CEO of Kernel hopes the hats will be lightweight, easy to use, while providing accurate and necessary information to users. Through this invention, Kernel Technology Company wishes to target partners which are organizations, brain research institutes or companies which wish to exploit more deeply in this field.

By 2030, the Kernel leader wants to lower the price of the product to increase its popularity in the US market. Mr Johnson believes every family needs a hat to regularly check and monitor health, especially the nervous system

When perfected in the future, the hat could help users better understand brain aging, mental disorders, strokes, and other brain activities.

Scientist Christof Koch of the Allen Brain Institute in Seattle called the Kernel Hat “revolutionary”. Therefore, until now, the birth of the hat has been a huge success.

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