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Is Hannah Everhart The Country Version Of Katy Perry? – American Idol 2021

Hannah Everhart, a seventeen-year-old aspiring singer from Canton, Mississippi. In a pre-recorded video, Hannah says that Canton is a small town and everyone knows everyone. She was asked if anyone had ever told her she looked like Katy Perry. She says she gets that every time she gets her hair done. She added that it could be due to the eyeballs as they both have blue eyeballs and they are both large.


Entering the audition room of American Idol 2021, she seemed extremely nervous. While telling the judges about her hometown, she mentioned that she got her ribs grilled at the gas station. Katy asked if she ate half a slab or a whole slab. Hannah said she ate all the pieces and Katy said she did too. Katy asks her if she’s the country version of herself. Hannah Everhart on American Idol mentioned that everyone says the same. Katy asked her if they were separated at birth. She said that such a thing could have happened. She was asked to start singing her chosen song.

She decided to sing Johnny Cash’s Wayfaring Stranger at the audition. At first, she didn’t manage to blow the judges away and they told her she was holding back. She told them she first planned to sing At Last but played it safe with the Wayfaring Stranger. The judges asked her to sing At Last and Katy Perry on American Idol helped her expand her vocal range while singing her high notes. The judges seemed to have a good time as Katy’s doppelganger entertained them with her hilarious personality.

She may be a small-town girl, but she’s got a big voice. Hannah Everhart, who reminds Katy Perry of a country version of herself


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