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Gruffydd wows with OUT OF THIS WORLD vocals and bags a GOLDEN BUZZER!

The opera has been dubbed the “Singing Olympics”. Classical opera is a magnificent art, but it is certainly not easy. Yes, the singer must have a good voice, but that goes beyond that. They must also have a natural instinct to tap into their raw talent if they are to become something extraordinary. And that’s what 22-year-old Gruffyd Roberts showed in this episode of Britain’s Got Talent.

The seemingly shy Welshman appeared in awe of the size of the audience in front of him as he stood in front of the judges for his audition for BGT. Later, Gruffyd described his hearing as “very, very nerve-racking … I could feel my legs shaking as I sang”.

Simon got Gruffyd to tell the audience a bit about himself. Gruffyd proudly proclaimed he was Welsh and lived with his grandmother. Simon stopped him at this point and asked him about his parents.

This question noticeably shook the candidate. Gruffyd tried to explain why his parents weren’t in his life, but he was very noticeably upset and started to stutter. These extra emotions probably didn’t help him relax before his big audition.

Simon wished him luck and indicated the music to begin. Gruffyd’s friends in the crowd cheered him on as he took a deep breath and started singing. His nerves and emotions were very noticeable, but behind the nerves was an obvious opera talent. However, something was missing.

After a few bars of the song, Simon raised his hand and motioned for the music to stop. Simon spoke, “Gruffyd, I want to tell you something – because you’re very nervous. It was very cold and mechanical for me. I feel there’s more to it… I want you to let go for a second. Simon gave Gruffyd a second chance – a chance that Simon doesn’t offer very often – to sing a different song. The host gives Gruffyd a glass of water as the new song falls into place, and he visibly relaxes.

As his friends hold their breath, Gruffyd opens his mouth and begins to sing “Nessun Dorma”. This time there was an obvious difference. The audience could tell that song was from his soul this time. The emotion in the auditorium was almost palpable and started to rise as the song continued. Tears can even flow down the face of a few people. The crowd bursts into cheers and rises when it reaches the climax of the song.

Shy, stuttering man wows judges with OUT OF THIS WORLD voice and gets golden buzzer

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