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‘America’s Got Talent’ Dog Act is Most Confusing Yet Intriguing Thing on Television

The Canine Stars’ act started off abruptly without an explanation. Viewers at home watched as four dogs sat at a judging table on stage and began to imitate the judges. Even an hour after the act aired, we still can’t wrap our minds around it.

Canine Stars Mimic ‘America’s Got Talent’ Judges At Audition

the dogs were each dressed as one of the judges from America’s Got Talent. The dog representing Howie Mandel wore an adorable pair of round glasses. Voiceovers from each of the judges played in the background as if the dogs were actually talking. One of the group members brought a dog onto the stage to perform a routine simulation for the fake dog judges.

Canine Stars are a group that is definitely bringing something different to America’s Got Talent. It was hard to understand at first because we are so used to seeing dogs doing flips and tricks when they come onto the show. This time the dogs were like little furry comedians.

“This is genius,” Simon Cowell raved. “I mean seriously genius.”

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