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Alyssa Raghu: BREAKS-DOWN With a Katy Perry Song! American Idol

Alyssa Raghu is not your average age 17 years old. She is an extremely talented artist destined to become a star. She has certainly faced some setbacks, but she is proving to the world that with enough dedication any dream can come true.

Alyssa is from Orlando, Florida, and she competed on her favorite show, American Idol, not once but twice! She absolutely loves music and she is willing to do whatever it takes to pursue her dream of becoming a famous singer.

Alyssa showed her talent to the best of her ability. Unfortunately, it’s not like that. The young performer has left the show, but she’s made it so far in pursuing her dreams. She knew this roundabout wouldn’t be the end, so Alyssa went home and went to work. She sings tunes everywhere she goes. She practices singing and performing on her stage. She won’t stop until she reaches the top.

The young star came back doubly strong for this year’s American Idol competition. She is ready to show the judges all that she has done in the past year. All her hard work paid off.

17-year-old teen sings Katy Perry classic, and Katy’s mad she “sang it better than her”

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