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Watch 15 species of pigeons have a strange and beautiful shape

Since ancient times, people have been known to use pigeons to deliver letters, the most common being gray-feathered pigeons. Besides, the doves also symbolize peace, so many solemn events often involve the release of white pigeons.

However, the fact is that pigeons have many diverse species, not just the two species of gray and white mentioned above. The pigeons that many people have never met below have the appearance either very strange or very beautiful:

1. Victorian crown pigeons – “Excellent beauty” of the dove family

The Victorian crowned pigeon (Victorian crowned pigeon) is one of the largest in the family of pigeons. The most obvious feature of this species compared to other pigeons is the giant fan-shaped crown that combines white and purple blue on its head that looks like a peacock with its tail open.

(Photo: Shutterstock)

Crowned doves Victoria is known as the “beauty of the beauty” of the dove family.

(Photo: Shutterstock)

2. Frillback pigeon with unique curly fur

Frillback pigeons have a rather fancy appearance created after many years of breeding, characterized by their curly fur that looks like curly hair.

Here are pictures of other eye-catching pigeons for readers to admire:

3. Dove Nicoba looks like she’s wearing blue clothes

(Photo: Shutterstock)

4. Jacobin pigeons look aristocratic with fur coat and noble temperament

5. Indian fantail pigeon has a tail that looks like a propeller

6. Spinifex pigeons are special dove of Australia characterized by the pointed feathers on the top of the head

7. Bronzewing pigeons are also unique to Australia, and their wing patterns appear bronze or bluish-brown under dim light.

8. Archangel pigeons have a reddish-brown head, neck and belly like antique bronze, the upper back and wings are dark gray blue.

9. Lahore pigeons look a bit like penguins, which are used for exhibition in Persia

10. The Brunner pouter in front of the chest has a kite that looks like a balloon, looks like a safety airbag

11. Old Dutch Capuchine Pigeon originated in the Netherlands is famous for its hair like a crown around the head

12. English Barb Dove

13. Pink-necked green pigeons distributed in Southeast Asia have a very beautiful bright fur color

4. Oriental frill pigeons originating in Turkey have a beak so short that it is almost invisible

15. Ice pigeon has long leg hair that looks like flared pants from the ’70s

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