The strange friendship of the giant gorilla and the tiny Galago

Recently, a giant gorilla surprised both the sanctuary and the caregivers by befriending a new friend. It will definitely be the most bizarre and loveable relationship you can imagine.

Friendship between giant monkey and boyfriend.

Ape Action Africa is a non-profit organization created in 1996, specializing in the conservation of gorillas and chimpanzees classified as endangered, threatened by the wildlife traders of the Center and West. Africa. Recently, a giant gorilla was rescued by the organization in 1996, surprising both the reserve and its caregivers by befriending a new friend. It will be the strangest, friendliest relationship you can imagine.

“During a morning check-up, our Gorilla caregiver found Bobo – the name of a 24-year-old Gorilla, holding an extremely small animal,” a spokesperson for Ape Action Africa, says Elissa O’Sullivan. “But this boyfriend shows no fear of Bobo. He moves around the giant gorilla, circles the grass, and comes back into Bobo’s arms.

This little friend is known to be the Galago monkey, a small African lemur with big eyes and a long tail. They often go out to feed at night and rarely appear in the morning. The actual size of the Galago is just enough to fit in the palm of giant Bobo’s hand.

Bobo can be considered as the “big brother” of a group of gorillas made up of 3 females and 3 males. However, he was surprisingly gentle towards his boyfriend. The staff also added that the gorillas in the same group as Bobo were also curious about little Galago and wanted to know what was going on. However, Bobo still refused to share, just wanted to keep her boyfriend to himself. The two played together for at least 2 hours until Bobo freed his friend in a bush.

After the video was posted on the social network, many people expressed interest in seeing this lovely friendship in nature. Bobo and this boyfriend are proof that friendship can still bear fruit even with animals of completely different appearance or origin. They also have a warm heart and are full of love, no less than a human. Someone also said that, the famous Disney animation film studio is expected to produce a new film inspired by the beautiful friendship of these two primates. It will certainly be a lovely, emotional job, like the moment Bobo takes pity on his friend in the bushes despite his deep attachment and refusal to leave.

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