The dog was lost and for 4 years he waited for his owner

Four years ago the owner of the dog Leo completely forgot about him near a certain station. But even with time, this faithful animal remains in this position and waits for the day when its owner returns.
Many people saw and tried to help Leo, but this dog insisted on sitting where he had been forgotten. Fortunately, during this time, Saowalak, 45, who lived near the area, regularly brought Leo food.
Mrs. Saowalak is the one who regularly feeds Leo. (Photo via Elite Readers)
She adored this dog and even brought him home to live with her, but Leo is still trying to escape and return to where he was forgotten. Either way, Mrs. Saowalak could only try to bring him food as often as possible.

Although Mrs. Saowalak brought him to feed, Leo still managed to escape. (Photo via Elite Readers)
Gradually, the image of a loyal dog Leo waiting for his owner became more and more popular. Anuchit Unchareon, a person who met this dog, decided to post a post on social media with videos and photos of Leo and did not forget to mention that this animal has been waiting for 4 years to see him again His owner.
Every day Leo was there in one position. (Photo via Elite Readers)
Finally, Anuchit’s post quickly went viral on social media sites and was lucky enough to reach Leo’s owner.
They contacted him immediately and said the photo of the dog in the picture was identical to BonBon (Leo’s real name) – a dog they lost in 2015, sharing that they tried I tried to find it, but I couldn’t.
He often waited at the corner of the abandoned square. (Photo via Elite Readers)
In great anticipation, the owner of BonBon arranged a schedule to welcome him back to his real home. However, while Leo is happy to see his former owner again, this dog makes everyone extremely surprised when he decides not to return home.
Now he wants to stay more with Mrs. Saowalak, perhaps because she has been kind to him during the last years of wandering. The meeting with the former owner, it seems that Leo was able to fulfill his wishes before coming to live with the new owner.
BonBon’s owner was very supportive of this decision, even willing to pay this dog’s medical bills if necessary.

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