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Rion Paige – Judges are “Blown Away” – THE X FACTOR USA

Simon Notices Teen Singer Looks Different, But He’s Even More Stunned When She Reveals Her Voice

When Rion Paige was 13 years old, she proved to the world that music really has the power to heal. Rion was born with a rare disease called arthrogryposis, which causes her wrist joints to fixate in a curved position.

Although AMC left her with a deformity in her arm, she has always been a bright, energetic person with big dreams. Ever since she was a small child, she always made sure she never left the microphone. ‘

When she stepped onto the stage to audition, Simon Cowell asked her to tell the crowd interesting things about herself. “I have multiple arthrogryposis, which is basically a bunch of words to describe something really simple,” she quipped fervently.

“It wasn’t me holding her back,” said Rion’s mother, Alisa. “It’s for me to give her every chance and say, ‘It’s time for you to fly, honey.'”

Simon Cowell, who is notoriously hard to please, didn’t know what to think when Rion stepped onto the stage. But after she finished singing, he said that Rion was extraordinary in many ways — and that her performance of Carrie Underwood’s hit song “Blown Away” reminded Simon of Carrie when she made her debut on the set of American Idol as a hopeful singer.

This Florida girl isn’t going to let anything get in the way of her dream. Watch as she inspires the judges with her performance of Carrie Underwood’s “Blown Away”!

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