Isolated by the herd, the baby elephant turned and cried in the heart of the benefactor

For wild animals, survival in the natural environment is always better for them. Elephants, too, are usually animal keepers who will only keep them for a while and then release them into the wild. But not with the baby elephant in the story below …

On April 4, a baby elephant was accidentally discovered stuck in mud in northeast Thailand and notified a wildlife conservation group to come to the rescue. After 5 months of caring for and helping the elephant to recover, on September 18, the conservation team decided to return it to the wild where it was found.

However, after just a few days (September 20), it was discovered that the baby elephant had once again been abandoned by his herd a mile away from where the baby elephant was once stuck. The elephant was then brought back to the animal sanctuary.

After seeing the staff who were taking care of him before, the baby elephant was very happy and happy, he lay down and curled up on the knees of the staff as if he missed him and was safe when he returned to the House. .

According to conservation zoologists, elephants are group animals, they depend on each other. But this baby elephant was probably raised by humans for so long that he couldn’t settle in the wild and was abandoned by his herd.

After 20 years, gorilla monkeys still realize the benefactor used to feed him

In 2014, British animal advocate Damian Aspinal filmed his reunion with his daughter Tasny Aspinall and two gorillas he had previously helped with at the zoo. He and his daughter spent a long time with them, especially with his daughter Tasny who considered the monkey to be his best childhood friends.

Damian Aspinal cùng những chú khỉ.

Damian Aspinal with the monkeys. (Photo: PA)

But over 20 years ago, they brought the monkey back to the natural environment where it should have existed. And this visit with them is not too promising. It has been so long, and no one can be sure the monkey will remember it or get angry when a stranger enters.

Tasny chơi đùa cùng những chú khỉ

Tasny played with monkeys. (Photo: Aspinall Foundation)

But surprisingly, he still recognized Damian and Tasny. The two monkeys were very tall now, they were looking at Damian and Tasny with soft, nostalgic eyes, not fierce. Then Tasny played with the two monkeys, they seem to remember intact how they played with her when she was a child, as if she had never grown up.

After many years, the lion still does not forget who saved his life

Due to the loss of her mother at a young age, the lioness Sirga was raised by two males, Hill and Mikkel, from breastfeeding to growth and one-handed eating two males. They also taught the Sirgas how to hunt even if the two are not the same species, so it is a bit more difficult for them. However, through the tireless efforts of Hill and Mikkel, Sirga finally learned to hunt without having to ask Hill and Mikkel to bring food, they allowed them to live freely in the right sanctuary. with its wild nature.

Sirga lúc  mới đưa về còn bú sữa.
Sirga was not weaned when he was brought back. (Photo via Knowledge)

Hill and Mikkel loved Sirga deeply. (Photo via Knowledge)

Just like that, Sirga lived a life of freedom, believing that it would make Sirga forget the memories of her life with Hill and Mikke. But after a few years of unexpected separation when Sirga reunites with Hill and Mikke, the adult lioness rushes in and happily hugs those who raised and cared for her as a child.

sư tử cái trưởng thành đã lao đến và vô cùng hạnh phúc ôm lấy những người đã nuôi nấng, chăm sóc nó

The mature lioness came and happily hugged those who raised and cared for her. (Photo via Knowledge)

Do you see? Whether wild animals or pure animals, but if we can love them with our sincere hearts, they will love us with the same affection. No matter how long it takes, they will never forget the person who was deeply engraved in their life.

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