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Indian woman chases leopard to save her 6-year-old son

Mothers are always extremely loving and protective of their children, even willing to sacrifice their lives to save their children. Recently in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh, a woman who did not care about danger, risked her life to chase a leopard for a kilometer to save her 6-year-old son who was taken away by the leopard. She eventually chased the leopard away and saved her baby.

According to news on News18, this woman named Kiran lives in a village near Sanjay Tiger Reserve. Here, leopards often appear, making the villagers feel very worried.

At around 7pm on November 28, Kiran was sitting next to an outdoor fire to warm up with her children when a leopard suddenly rushed over and grabbed her son Rahul (6 years old) she dragged.

Although Ms. Kiran was surprised and scared, she managed to stay calm. She brought the other two children into the house first, then chased the leopard that had run into the forest. After chasing about 1km, she saw the leopard holding her son with its claws.

Sanjay tiger reserve director Y P Singh said that at that time, Kiran waved a stick in her hand to threaten the leopard, and at the same time she shouted for help.

Mr Singh said: ‘The leopard must have been scared by this woman’s bravery so he let go of the baby. When Miss Kiran held her baby in her arms, the leopard rushed to attack her. But her bravery defeated the leopard.”

At the same time, the villagers heard Kiran’s cry for help and ran to help, causing the leopard to immediately flee into the forest.

In this incident, both Ms. Kiran and baby Rahul were injured by the leopard attack, they were taken to the hospital for treatment. All costs will be covered by the government’s forestry department.

In the clip shared by News18 editor Nikhil Suryavanshi, Kiran can be seen holding baby Rahul while giving an interview. The boy suffered serious injuries to his eyes, face and chin. Their motherly love is truly touching!

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