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Dog swims 11 hours in the sea to find someone to save his master

An Australian dog bravely swam 11 hours at sea to find someone to save his owner after his owner’s boat capsized overnight.

According to The Epoch Times, on February 19, 2020, Mr Lance Schloss, 63, from Queensland, Australia, and Heidi – his German Shepherd dog – drove a small boat to Moreton Bay to fish for mail.

However, due to lack of careful checks beforehand, Mr. Schloss’s boat ran out of power at night and was struck by the waves, gradually sinking.

Mr. Schloss fell into the water and could only cling to the roof of the boat with all his might. At first Heidi also swam next to the owner, but then due to the big waves the dog was pushed back.

Heidi swam in the sea for 11 hours, luckily the next morning a passing fishing boat spotted the dog. This fisherman pulled Heidi out of the water. He most likely guessed that the owner of this dog was having trouble nearby.

Receiving information from the public, Queensland Police quickly arrived and deployed search and rescue operations. Many police officers with boats and even helicopters were mobilized. After a few hours of searching, with Heidi involved, police finally discovered that Mr. Schloss was desperately clinging to his half-submerged boat.

Mr. Schloss had been submerged in the icy sea for 15 hours. After being rescued, he and Heidi were taken to the hospital for examination, luckily neither of them were injured.

The neighborhood police particularly congratulated Heidi and elected her honor dog thanks to the perseverance and courage of the dog whose owner was rescued.

Through it, local police want to remind people to take safety precautions before setting out to sea: “Make sure you bring your personal flotation devices, as well as radios in case you need to contact them. emergency contact “.

Mr Schloss also raised a few notes when the boat capsized, he said the victim should stay on the side of the boat, as it is possible to use the buoyancy of the boat to stay on the water until he be rescued, if using force. If you swim alone, it will be easy to lose strength and not last long.

The worry at this time is that the worst-case scenario will be attacked by sharks or other marine animals. “We have to be as vigilant as possible, we have to believe in luck and believe in God! Said Mr. Schloss.

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Rose Baio July 12, 2021 at 11:27 AM

What an incredible story! God was watching over them! The dog was a super hero! God bless him!❤️🙏❤️


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