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7-year-old girl with blood cancer still strives to pursue her passion: won 3 bronze medals in martial arts

Although only 7 years old, Thien Chi had to fight against evil blood cancer. Luckily her mom and everyone around her helped her out, so she was still smiling hard, even trying to win 3 martial arts bronze medals while being groomed.

After a long period of hard work, Ms. Hien Tran (from Dong Hoi, Quang Binh) had the opportunity to share the story of her brave granddaughter, 10-year-old Nguyen Ngoc Thien Chi.

Baby Chi is also known as the shining “sunflower” dương due to her striving for a bright future even though her life has many thorns.

A violent husband addicted to gambling

Hien, although she has been teaching for 10 years, is not yet on the payroll, is a contract teacher. His salary is 3 stacks of 3 dong, just enough for fuel, food and water each day.

Her husband is an avid player, betting on football, once this person even stole a booklet that Hien kept for his children, sold the whole house, even his parents’ salary book was taken away to get started in red and black games.

Not only that, whenever he comes home, Thien Chi’s father is also bad at torturing his wife and children with brute force. The life of Hien’s mother and daughter is therefore difficult and difficult.

When Thien Chi was 5 years old, because she could not bear all of her husband’s unreasonable beatings, Hien decided to bring her child back to his biological mother. Later, because of the default, she left separately, since then Thien Chi has not seen her father again, that year she was 6 years old.

Evil blood cancer has turned the lives of mother and daughter upside down

The life of mother and daughter goes on indefinitely, loving the underprivileged child, so that everyone pampers and loves the daughter to the fullest.

However, life is really unpredictable. In the following days, Thien Chi often complains of fatigue, has high fevers repeatedly, is difficult to eat, and his skin is pale and weak.

On Thien Chi’s body at this time, there are also bruises. At first, Hien just thought her kid was mean, went to dance school, and ran into something, but over time the unexplained bruising increased. In July 2007, Ms. Hien took her son to many places for a medical examination and found that he had blood cancer.

When she received the test results in her hand, Hien felt like the whole world was falling apart. When Thien Chi’s grandmother heard the news, she passed out, paralyzed for a while from the shock. After 2-3 days of depression, Hien decided to come to her senses, because with cancer – the only way to live is resilience until the end, she needs to be strong so that she can be a strong support for her children. . .

‘Mum don’t cut my hair, I don’t wanna be bald like you guys’

Perhaps due to her young age, Thien Chi still did not understand cancer well, she thought it was a common disease. When she was first admitted to the hospital, looking at her friends around her with baldness, she was scared, but when reassured by her mother that this disease would lead to hair loss once. treated, but that she would push back, she was reassured.

After each course of chemotherapy, the baby’s hair started to fall out, exposing the scalp, Thien Chi cried, “Mom, don’t cut my hair, will my hair fall out and grow back, I don’t want to be bald like you guys. “.

During the days of treatment, watching his child innocently endure the pain, Hien’s heart ached as if it had been cut to pieces. Understanding her mother’s heart, Thien Chi always has a smile on her face. But when he was stung in the marrow, the baby cried because it was so painful. After a period of chemotherapy treatment, Thien Chi had to undergo 4 cycles of chemotherapy, every day she had to get up early to get 5-7 tubes of blood, her whole body was covered with transfusions and injections. .

Just like that, little Thien Chi gradually got used to life in the hospital, befriended her roommates, then joined the art team and took part in a painting competition. For Hien, her daughter is a strong and resilient girl.

Medals of courage

After the chemotherapy sessions, Thien Chi was sent back to school by her mother to stabilize her mood and monitor progress with her friends to avoid surprises. At first, she belittled herself a bit because of her different appearance, but thanks to encouragement from her mother, teacher and friends, she happily went to class, participated in cultural programs and community clubs. karate martial arts.

Even during treatment, this strong girl still took part in provincial martial arts competitions and won 3 bronze medals.

Now, Thien Chi’s condition has changed a lot, the cancer cells in the body are still weak, and the baby is sent home for medication for the treatment. Every pill Mrs Hien bought outside for 50,000 VND, one day her baby had to take 2 pills, the first few days because she hated taking medicine, Thien Chi would often sneak the medicine away and not drink it . Finding out about the situation, Hien could only sigh with love for his child, reminding him to work together.

Right now, what Hien wants most is that someday not far away, she can see her little girl fully healed and made well so that she can confidently and comfortably do whatever she loves. For his daughter, Hien can do anything.

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